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Jul 11, 2011

[Harga Truck Isuzu GIGA PVZ & FRR90]. PT Isuzu Astra Motor Indonesia (IAMI) has launched two model of their new product, namely : GIGA FVZ and FRR 90. As reported, the launch is held in Isuzu plant at Pondok Ungu, Bekasi, West Java, Indonesia.

GIGA FVZ and FRR is a global product with heavy duty diesel common rail where the spesifications has been adapted with the characteristics of Indonesia. It takes two years of research and one year of testing for producing this product to meet the needs of the Indonesian market, said Johannes Nangoi, IAMI President director as quoted by

The FVZ 34 6x4 truck is categorized as gross vehicle weight (GVW) 26 ton class, equipped with 7,790 cc. 6 HK1CTS engine, 6-cylinder-powered 285 PS with torque of 90 kgm at 1,450-2,400 rpm.

The main advantages of this truck is claimed in power are above the average of the highest competitor 260 PS and the fuel efficient. The FVZ 34 target market is the mining and plantation such as Sumatra and Kalimantan. Until now, there is been 200 orders already accepted.

The Isuzu FRR90 is classified as a 4x2 medium truck with GVW of 10 tons 4-cylinder engine, Heavy Duty Common Rail turbo intercooler-powered 190 PS and torque of 52 kgm at 1600-2600 rpm. This truck offers the same power with competitors but more fuel-efficient and long-time durability, such as parts replacement intervals are more durable.

The price of Isuzu truck FRR90 is about Rp 340 million and Isuzu truck GiGA FVZ is about Rp690 million (off the road).

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May 24, 2011

Here is the new Isuzu car price list applied for Jabodetabek region for May 2011, the price list below is only an information where the valid price will be following the ATPM or Isuzu authorized dealer.
No. Model Machine Capacity (Cc.) Price (Rp.)
1 Panther Smart - H 2,449 204.600.000
2 Panther Smart - FF H 2,449 206.600.000
3 Panther LV - H 2,449 212.900.000
4 Panther LV FF - H 2,449 214.900.000
5 Panther Adventure - H 2,449 226.300.000
6 Panther LS FF - H 2,449 238.700.000
7 Panther Touring - H 2,449 242.400.000
8 Panther Grand Touring -H 2,449 255.200.000
9 Pick up Turbo 2,449 132.100.000
10 Pick up Turbo Flat Dack 2,449 133.100.000
11 Pick up Turbo GD 3 Way 2,449 136.700.000
12 D-Max Single Cab 2,999 260.300.000
13 D-Max Double Cab 2,999 300.500.000
14 D-Max Rodeo LS 2,999 328.500.000
15 Elf NHR55 C/C E2, 95 PS 2,771 193.750.000
16 Elf NHR55 C/O E2, 95 PS 2,771 195.500.000
17 Elf NKR55 C/C E2, 95 PS 2,771 200.750.000
18 Elf NKR55 C/O E2, 95 PS 2,771 202.000.000
19 Elf NKR55 C/O E2 LWB 2,771 213.250.000
20 Elf NKR55L C/O E2 100 PS 2,771 210.750.000
21 Elf NKR71 C/C E2 120 PS 4,570 243.000.000
22 Elf NKR71 HD E2 120 PS 4,570 248.250.000
23 Isuzu Elf Microbus NHR55 Mikrobus E2 Hatchback 2,771 242.500.000
24 Isuzu Elf Microbus NKR55 Mikrobus E2 Full Hatchback 2,771 250.500.000
25 Isuzu Elf Microbus NHR55 LWB Mikrobus E2 Hatchback 2,771 267.250.000
26 Isuzu Elf Microbus NKR55 LWB Mikrobus E2 Full Hatchback 2,771 270.250.000
27 Isuzu Bison STD 2,449 155.750.000
28 Isuzu Bison FB 2,449 156.750.000
29 Isuzu Bison BC 2,449 155.750.000

Apr 14, 2011

Volkswagen AG is rumored to acquire the largest commercial vehicle manufacturer in Japan, Isuzu. Although still a rumor, this effort may be made in order to pursue ambitions become the world's largest automotive manufacturer in 2018.

Ikhwalnya, VW and MAN, the German truck manufacturer that are 30 percent owned by VW-center to discuss the possibility of acquiring shares of Isuzu in Japan. But, this news directly contradicted VW and said that the move was not part of the agenda of the target.

According to Reuters (13 / 4), Isuzu who had shares valued at 5.86 billion U.S. dollars, or Rp. 50,7 trillion, is facing market uncertainty following the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Initial purchases of shares of other companies, will make Isuzu return receive an income to strengthen the business base. We confirmed related to this issue, MAN did not want to comment anything. If the rumors are true, then VW did not just fight as number one in the world through the passenger vehicle segment but also aggressive on the commercial.

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Feb 9, 2011

List of Isuzu used car price list in Jabodetabek region for February 2011. The list price below is only an estimated price and the valid price will be depends on the authorized Isuzu dealer or showroom.

No. Car Model Year Price (million, Rp.)
1 Isuzu ELF NHR55 Mikrobus E2 Hatch 2009 230 - 233
2 Isuzu D MAX Double-cab 3.0 M/T 2009 298 - 303
3 Isuzu D MAX Rodeo LS 3.0 M/T 2009 325 - 330
4 Isuzu D MAX Single-cab 3.0 M/T 2009 258 - 263
5 Isuzu ELF NKR55 Mikrobus E2 Full Hatch 2009 236 - 240
6 Isuzu Panther Adventure H 2009 224 - 228
7 Isuzu Panther Grand Touring FF H 2009 223 - 227
8 Isuzu Panther Grand Touring FF H 2007 177 - 182
9 Isuzu Panther Grand Touring FF H 2006 167 - 162
10 Isuzu Panther Grand Touring FF H 2005 157 - 162
11 Isuzu Panther LV - H 2009 210 - 215
12 Isuzu Panther LV - H 2004 108 - 112
13 Isuzu Panther LV - H 2003 103 - 107
14 Isuzu Panther LV - H 2002 98 - 102
15 Isuzu Panther Touring - H 2009 240 - 245
16 Isuzu Panther Smart FF-H 2009 204 - 208
17 Isuzu Panther Smart H 2009 202 - 206

Oct 4, 2010

Isuzu UTE Australia Pty Ltd launched a double cabin pickup D-MAX Limited Edition II (LE II) to the domestic market. Only 180 units available and one of its merits, pearl-plated body paint lunar white (140 units) and solar bronze (40 units).

Isuzu conduct refresher in some sectors, such as the exterior is the addition of horns on the front bumper, hood edge protectors, fog light frame, and rear lamp guards. Logo "Limited Edition II" is available at the door of the back and the logo "LE II" on the sticker graphic at the bottom side of the car body.

In the cabin, seats covered with Italian leather with a combination of charcoal-colored stitching, including on the door trim, and bearing on the center console armrest. There are only 90 units that will get the LE II luxury features for 2400 Australian dollars. In addition there is a touch screen Kenwood audio system, complete with SatNav Garmin navigation system, reverse parking camera, DVD, USB connection socket, iPod / iPhone, as well as Bluetooth. For safety, the front of the head unit can be removed thanks to features detachable face security (DFS).

Limited variant is arguably gets all the special fittings for the D-MAX. Call it the ABS, EBD, dual airbags, cruise control, and others. For capabilities in heavy terrain, LE II is equipped with 4x4 wheel drive system with a maximum towing capacity of up to three tons. Suspension higher with 225 mm ground clearance, extra wide spacing beneath the tires 7x16 "wrapped in 245/70 tires, and over-fenders. Also there are control buttons 2WD/4WD/low options range that can be moved in running condition (shift-on-the -fly) to 100 km / h between 2WD and 4WD.

Without additional leather interior, D-MAX II LE berbanderol 47,300 Australian dollars or USD 406.6 million. That is, simply by adding the 5000 Australian dollars from the variant of LS-U, II LE buyers get the additional equipment worth 9000 Australian dollars.

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Jul 30, 2009

During the five days of IIMS 2009 event, PT Isuzu Astra Motor Indonesia (IAMI) has been successfully reached 50 percent of sales target. Total target of 250 units during the 10-day exhibition, until Tuesday, has sold 127 vehicles of various categories of marketed Isuzu.

At this event, IAMI brings five products to be shown, namely : Isuzu Panther Grand touring, D-Max Rodeo LS, MU-7, and Mikrobus Elf and Elf 120PS HD Dump Truck.

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May 25, 2009

In order to compete in the pick up class, either a double cab and single cab, Isuzu decrease the D-Max prices. Isuzu Management, namely PT Isuzu Astra Motor Indonesia (IAMI) and Astra International, Isuzu Sales Operation (AI-ISO), recognizes, the root cause of Isuzu D-Max to compete with other brands with Strada Mitsubishi Triton, Toyota Hilux and Ford Ranger is price.

" Isuzu D-Max price is more expensive. However the reliability of Isuzu has been tested. And now the compony offer a competitive price, "said Johannes Nangoi, Vice President Director of PT IAMI, ATPM of Isuzu D-Max.

Now, according to Supranoto, CEO of PT Astra International Tbk - Isuzu Sales Operation, the D-Max double cab will be offered at Rp 300 million, previously, Rp 325 million. While the single cab Rp 260 million, Rp 280 million previously. With competitive and affordable price, the Isuzu D-Max will be compete with other competitors.

"Price adjustment done without the specs down. Condition is the same as the previous D-Max. We can do this because it gets subsidies from Isuzu of Japan, "said Supranoto.

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Feb 5, 2008

CERRITOS, CA -- 01/30/08 -- Isuzu Motors America, Inc. announced today that, effective January 31, 2009, it would discontinue distributing new Isuzu passenger vehicles in North America. The discontinuation of passenger vehicles results from the prospective cessation of production by General Motors Corporation of the Ascender sport utility vehicle and the i-290 and i-370 pickup trucks.

"It has always been our intention to remain in the U.S. market," said Terry Maloney, president and COO. "However, we were unable to secure any commercially viable replacements for these vehicles."
Although Isuzu will cease supplying passenger vehicles in North America, it will continue to stand behind its customers and dealers here for years to come. Specifically, Isuzu will continue to honor all product warranties and roadside assistance programs and will maintain its owner-relations call center.

In addition, to assure long-term service to its customers, Isuzu will be offering all current, U.S. Isuzu vehicle dealers the opportunity to continue on as service dealerships for Isuzu. "Let me make it crystal clear," Maloney said. "Isuzu will discontinue the sales of vehicles only. Our parts and service operation will remain fully functional. We expect the vast majority of our dealers will continue as service-only dealers."

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