Indonesian car price update

Nov 12, 2013

Toyota adds new variant of Etios city car in Indonesia, named as JX variant to widen the market segment. Etio Valco JX variant si to complement the existing variants, namely: J, E and G. As reported, The Etios Valco JX fills the gap between type J and E.

Etios Valco JX

Etios Valco JX is accompanied by all J variant features with the addition of Electronic Power Steering (EPS) ,Power Window with Auto Down feature, Power Door Lock, Tilt Steering Column, Tachometer and 2 speakers with audio pre - wire . Same with other types , the JX varian is also accompanied with passive safety feature, two airbags.

Final Gear
Toyota also change the final gear ratio to improve traction type and speed up the response time. Described, the changes were made in accordance with customer requirements and road conditions forced the driver must drive the car at low rpm , especially in the city traffic jams . New final gear ratio is 4.294 , while the previous was 3.944.

The launch of Etios Valco JE new variant, is one of Toyota's efforts to meet those needs . Etios Valco JX is expected to be an option for people who are in between type J and E , "said TAM president director Johnny Darmawan said in a release as quoted bu

Etios Valco JX variant will be sold at Rp 139 million . There are only three types of Etios Valco,  E (Rp 149.9 million ) and G ( USD 161.6 million ) . Now the JX to be the cheapest type of bottom or around the Etios sold in Indonesia . All , Etios to date using manual transmission .

Toyota Brazil has officially introduced the Etios crossover version, and named it as Toyota Etios Cross. The Toyota Etios Cross seem as a SUV with updated suspension, black cladding all around the lower body with silver front and rear scuff plates and a redesigned grille.

Etios Cross

The Toyota Etios Cross is powered by 1.5-litre petrol engine that produces 96 BHP of maximum power, mated to a 5-speed manual transmission where the power is distributed to the front wheels. When we are entering the cabin, the different with regular Etios can be found, where the Etios Cross has new seat fabrics and all-black theme with embossed character.

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Nissan has officially introduced the latest generation of X-Trail at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show.The SUV appeared to Adopt the Murano design, leaving long boxy design as previous models. Seen from the frame firmly shaped " V " logo hugging grille with Nissan on the surface of the sloping hood . Front lamp design is unique, with a row of LEDs for daytime running light ( DRL ) below , such as " eye liner " in the eyes of women . The roof is equipped with panoramic glass roof adds to the luxury X - Trail from the previous generation.

The New Nissan X-Trail is the result of a joint development Renault platform technology that uses Common Module Familiy ( CMF ) . The cars lined up as the global model and ready to be marketed to 190 countries in the world . The shape is similar to the concept HiCross .

Unfortunately,there is not information yet about engine ,dimensions, and other details but it can be ensure there is a variant with a smaller size in the future.

Datsun GO+ has been introduced to accompany the hatchack one, Datsun GO, in fulfilling the Low Cost Green Car (LCGC) market in Indonesian. Datsun GO+ was developed as a cozy, movable family lounge. The design is modern, with a sleek, dynamic silhouette and strong shoulder line. The clean body styling makes it a crowd standout.


Datsun GO+ has dimension (Long x Width X High) : 3,995mm x 1,635mm x 1,485mm with wheelbase is about 2,450mm. This MPV is powered by 1.2 engine with 5 manual transmission. There are seven passangers (5 + 2) can be carried. Datsun GO+'s cabin is so spacious enough to accommodate family members with her ​​luggage.

Datsun GO and Datsun GO+ marks the Datsun brand comeback after so long abandoned by Nissan. The comeback is also to take the  participation in supporting Indonesian government in LCGC (Low Cos Green Car) program. Where Dastun GO+ has a local component up to 80 % and fuel consumption ranges 20km/liter claimed.

Datsun GO and GO+ will be manufactured at the Datsun plant in Purwakarta region West Java, Indonesia . Nissan's global targets in Indonesia for 2016 sales by 50 % will come from Datsun brand. The Price + GO Datsun claimed MPV will be a very affordable price below USD. 100 million per unit.

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Nov 11, 2013

Honda Prospect Motor Indonesia as a sole agent Honda car in Indonesia, has officially launched the Honda Brio Satya as Honda answer for LCGC (Low Cost Green Car) in Indonesia. Brio Satya has different name and logo from other Honda vehicles. The name "Satya" is derived from the Sansekerta language which means " sincere " or " faithful "  and for the logo, there is Jasmine flower -shaped logo, is the national flower of Indonesia.

Honda Brio Satya will be have three version, namely : E, S and A taken from Honda Brio platform. The vehicle is powered by SOHC i -VTEC 4 cylinder 1.200cc which capabel in producing up to 88 PS maximum power and torque of 11.1 kg.m at 4,000 rpm rotation. The Brio Satya is launched whith no automatic transmission, all variants is in 5-speed manual but is equipped with Drive by Wire technology, Shift Hold Control and Grade Logic Control.

Honda Brio Satya exterior has sporty dan stylish design. While for the Brio satya Type E (highest type), there is fog lamps and rear glass cleaner and also 14 inch alloy wheel , power windows , rear bumper garnish , rear spoiler. Entering the cabin inside, there will be the double-DIN audio , MP3/WMA ,Aux ,USB, iPod connector installed for type E.

Honda Brio Satya Safety standards
Although the Brio Satya is known as a cheap car, but the safety standards is quite complete. Created with G-CON body structure, the vehicle is strong enough to withstand the impact . All types equipped with two airbags for the driver and front passenger. Others are seat belts with pretensioners and load limiters . All models also come with immobilizer .

Honda Brio Satya Price
The price of Brio Satya on the road Jakarta when was launched are :
Brio Satya A Manual     Rp. 106.000.000
Brio Satya S Manual     Rp. 111.000.000
Brio Satya E Manual     Rp. 117.000.000
PT . Sales Indomobil Suzuki has officially launched the Suzuki Karimun Wagon R in Jakarta. The car is categorized as a Low Cost Green car ( LCGC ) which powered by the 998cc K10B engine DOHC 3 cylinder, this car will compete with similar LCGC cars from other manufacturers , such as Astra Daihatsu Ayla, Astra Toyota Agya or Datsun GO.


Suzuki Karimun Wagon R engine is made ​​from aluminum which is lighter and powerful beside also fuel efficient, the engine capacity is about 998cc DOHC 3 cylinder and named as K10B engine. This vehicle has a compact body with a roomy interior which can accommodate five passengers and also equipped with innovative features , such as :
  • Doors can be opened as wide as 77 degrees making process in and out easier.
  • The backseat can be folded so that it can carry more and longer.
  • There is a tray located under the front passenger seat so it is safer to store stuff when parking.
  • 998cc engine and front-wheel drive with a variety of improvements that can improve fuel efficiency.

Karimun Wagon R Exterior
Karimun Wagon R has dimensions ( L x W x H ) 1,475 mm x 3.600mm x 1.700mm with a compact and sturdy appearance . The front and rear of the vehicle is equipped with stylish luxurious accents Front Grill and Rear Garnish. An elegant blue eyes headlamp plus Roof Rail give the impression of trendy and stylish of Wagon R.

Karimun Wagon R Interior
Entering the interior Karimun Wagon R , it will be found a spacious and elegant cabin that provides more space for the driver and passengers . Modern dashboard with the placement of the instrument panel is ergonomically laid out and easy to be reached. Sporty meter cluster makes a sporty look that displays information such as Tachometer (type GX , GL) , Speedometer , Odometer , Fuel indicator , Gear Shift indicator and immobilizer indicator . Air conditioning with 4-speed option makes it convenient whole passenger in the car.

Comfort and Security features of Suzuki Karimun Wagon R
Comfort and Security is main focus in developing the Suzuki Wagon R. To improve the ride comfort, Wagon R has been equipped with several features Electric Power Steering so do not overload the machine work and provide comfort for the driver . Immobilizer and alarm features have also pinned on this vehicle , with this feature makes the car can only be lit with the original key so it is safe from theft . Safety Belt for the driver and all passengers are standard features . Also equipped with child proof door lock feature as a safety so that the door can not be opened from the inside which is useful when there are children in the vehicle will be .

Suzuki Karimun Wagon R Price
Karimun Wagon R is available in 3 variants namely : GA at a price of 77 million , 89.9 million and GL valuable Karimun GX Wagon price of 99.9 million dollars . This vehicle is available in 8 color choices are : Splash Green , Turquoise Lagoon , Pearl White , Silky Silver , Graphite Gray , Cool Black , Radian Red and Burgundy Red

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Nov 7, 2013

PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) introduced the highest variance of Honda Mobilio, the variant's name is the Honda Mobilio Prestige. This version is equipped with more completeness than the S and E which were introduced in IIMS 2013 , last September.

Honda Mobilio Prestige has all the features of the E type CVT (previous highest variance), with the addition of new features, namely : fog lamps garnish , bottom of the door, plate number and exhaust chrome plated. The velg design is also more elegant, accompanied with rear camera for easier parking or backwards .Interior of Mobilio Prestige varian is also equipped 2DIN head unit touch screen.

"We introduce one more new variant of Mobilio, the Prestige . As most luxurious version , Prestige has some differences that make it more special , " said Jonfis Fandy , Director of Marketing and Sales Service HPM in his speech as quoted.

Honda Mobilio Prestige price is also different from the previous variants . Jonfis said , this variant of the price range of Rp 190 million . Consumers who interested by this MPV, can order at the nearest Honda authorized dealer with delivery units in February 2014 .